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Muse from Interaxation Senses Brain Activity.

he Toronto-based tech startup known as Interaxtion hopes to be able to read your brainwaves in an attempt to decipher your thoughts. While the ability to operate objects simply with your mind may not yet be within reach, the company has created a wearable headband, that monitors brain activity The seven sensors embedded in the headband will indicate the activity in the brain, which you can control and adjust as you see necessary. You can use it to control emotions on demand.

Control your mind with brain sensing Muse headband

The Muse as the head band is called, measures the electrical activity generated in the brain. The signals are transmitted via blue-tooth to a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet, where an app, can be used to invoke periods of relaxation. The process is similar to that of a heart- rate monitor, that tells whether you need to slow-down.
The Muse, now available for $299, can go a long way in helping users to control emotions without manual touch. At the moment, only one app is currently available for use with the Muse, which users can use to help relax their minds. There are versions for both iOs and Android, and with practice, users can actually begin to consciously control their minds.
While playing a few fun relaxing games, you are able to monitor the results in real time on your mobile

There are a few routines enabled with the use of the Muse, that go from ensuring the device is properly fitted and working well, and as your brain activity is changed, the screen on the app changes.

Muse has already received recognition, and at the recently held CES, it was honored one of the Tech Products for a better world. The headband combines the use of sensitive hardware and software with biometrics in order to monitor and assess brain activity.

Interaxation's offices are located in the fashion district of downtown Toronto, with 30 employees who may be involved in what may be considered as futuristic or forward thinking technology that may even be ahead of its time.
The company continues to be involved with thought -controlled computing that may eventually lead to blur the lines between the computer and mankind. CTO, Chris Aimone, has worked in the field of cybernetics, and artificial visual perception that brings sight to the impaired, while, founder Trevor Coleman was a music impresario.
Some of the accomplishments have amazed audiences around the country.
Bright Ideas
At the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, in 2010 InteraXon created an installation allowed visitors to create lighting effects on landmarks that were 3500 km away, while the video feeds were projected live on nearby screens.

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