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Muscle looks better than loose skin.

Hard Body Tips
Hard Body Tips
Mike Phelps

The more muscle you have, the tighter your skin will be. A full muscle presses up tightly against the skin, helping to eliminate saggy skin and wrinkles. Also, the less body fat you have, the thinner your skin will look, making the muscles appear even harder and healthier. So the requirement to have a hard body is to have developed muscles and less body fat. In order to attain the "look" of a hard body, certain principles have to be followed.

  • A diet consisting of fresh and/or frozen foods must be common place. Avoid foods filled with preservatives and additives (boxed foods, fast foods, many canned foods, etc). The cleaner foods you eat, the more your body will respond.
  • Eliminate all refined sugar. This includes white sugar, white breads and white flour like regular pasta. You simply will not maximize your hard body potential if you are eating these "white" things.
  • Eat complex/starchy carbs like potatoes, rice and oatmeal in moderate portions. This produces an insulin response. Insulin shuttles amino acids into the muscle cells, so its important that you have slow and steady insulin production while trying to build muscle. Avoid insulin spikes however by eating the small consistent portions of starchy carbs throughout the day.
  • Eat fibrous carbs like broccoli and asparagus liberally. This will not only give your body needed fiber, but will slow digestion of your meal in your stomach so that the starchy carbs convert to glucose even slower. Slower digestion usually means you will actually absorb your foods. Eating for a hard body doesn't matter as much if you are not absorbing your foods.
  • Eat lean proteins each meal several times per day. Good examples are chicken or turkey breasts, fish, lean cuts of red meat and egg whites. Protein will feed your muscles. Muscles are the number one ingredient required to have a hard body.
  • Do resistance training at least 3 days per week and work your entire body, not just certain body parts.

For more information on how to develop a hard body, email or visit Your hard body awaits.

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