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Murs, DJ Dave Team Up for "Get Cultured" Campaign, Video

Murs and DJ Dave
Murs and DJ Dave
Cashmere Agency

Like most of us when we turn 30, hip hop has developed a heightened awareness when it comes to health. From Fat Joe, who's now just "Joe," to Mack 10, who shed over 100 lbs, simply by changing his diet, MCs have begun to show more concern for their own physical well-being.

Vice president of Cashmere Agency, Ryan Ford decided to take that momentum one step further by teaming venerable left coast lyricist, Murs with "Whole Foods Parking Lot" creator, DJ Dave to create a video for Reeds Inc. Kombucha's "Get Cultured" campaign.

The video, aptly titled "Thass Kombucha," centers around a humorous, yet informative trip to the store, following Murs and Dave as they detail both taste and health benefits of the rapidly ascending beverage over a lowrider-friendly West Coast track, that will have your speakers blasting and your mind working.

"It's so rare to get to do endorsements for products that you love this much and I'm just thankful for the opportunity. to meet and work with DJ Dave who's just incredibly talented," exclaimed Murs. "The first time I saw Kombucha was in Whole Foods but I was drinking it and getting these wicked ass headaches cause I wasn't drinking alcohol and they said it was because of the trace amounts of alcohol in there. But now with the Reeds brand I don't really get the headaches any more," he added.

"Kombucha was recommended to me years ago when I had a cold, somebody said this is really great for you and that's what got me into it," added DJ Dave, who is currently putting the finishing touches on the score for the film, Boulevard, which stars Robin Williams.

"Thass Kombucha" marks the first time Murs and Dave have worked together but according to Dave the two, who happen to share the same birthday, (March 16) and who both have a one year old child, have already talked about collaborating again for the kids.

"We were talking about the possibility of teaming up on a kids record," said Dave. "I'm a long time fan of his so that was really exciting for me just to get to work with him period," noted Dave.

Click here to check out "Thass Kombucha"

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