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Murray County deputy bitten by K-9 officer while taking 'selfie'

Brett Morrison was bitten by K-9 officer as he tried to take selfie
Brett Morrison was bitten by K-9 officer as he tried to take selfie

A northwest Georgia deputy is recovering tonight after he was bitten by a drug dog on Monday while taking a selfie of himself and the K-9 officer, Dalton Daily Citizen reported April 22.

Murray County Sheriff's Office deputy Brett Morrison was sitting with a K-9 Malinois after several probation and parole officers had returned from serving warrants. It's a routine practice for the dogs to accompany officers as they spend a day tracking down people in trouble with the law.

Morrison decided he wanted a picture with the dog to remember the day, so he knelt down and wrapped his arm around the dogs neck, where he planned to talk the selfie.

While this is the preferred method to capture a selfie moment with a friend, it didn't work very well with the K-9 officer, who immediately bit Morrison on the chin.

Major Greg Fowler explained the dogs actions stating

“It’s an act of aggression to them whenever you do that. The canine just responded by what was presented to him based on his training."

Morrison was taken to the Hamilton Medical Center, where several stitches were required to close up the lower part of his face.

While fellow officers are sympathetic to Morrisons' dilemma, they're glad the K-9 responded in the way it had been taught. The dog responded to a command given by the handler to stop the attack.

The K-9 is current on it's vaccinations, and the animal control division is completing a report on the incident. No one has been disciplined, and the injury is being called an unfortunate accident.

Officials still need to talk with Morrison, who had the day off while on pain medication to help in his recovery. Morrison stated in an email to WSMV

'I had my phone in my hand when the dog began rubbing its body against my legs and the legs of another deputy. The dog raised up and put his front feet on the other deputy's chest and then he did the same to me. While he had his feet on my chest and I was petting him with my left hand, I thought that would make a good photo. It was then that he bit me.'

This incident should serve as a reminder not to hug a dog around the neck if the dog considers you a stranger. Morrison was fortunate not to have suffered more extensive injuries.

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