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Murphy the horse: Undersized at birth, crime-fighting horse defies world's odds

Murphy the horse is galloping across national headlines this afternoon, as this brave animal has defied the odds to become a crime-fighting steed. Although he was born undersized at birth and deemed a “weakling,” the horse managed to lose a massive 200 pounds during an intense training period and is now helping the Portland Police Bureau’s Mounted Patrol Unit in capturing local criminals. In many ways, he proved to the world that it's never too late to have a change of career and become a true winner. Oregon Live shares the story of Murphy’s transformation and recently helping catch his first big baddie this Saturday, June 28, 2014.

Murphy the horse becomes a crime fighting steed
Twitter Photo File, Paulick Report

Horses likely aren’t the first animal to come to mind when helping police catch criminals — we have the strong-smelling dogs claiming that title — but Murphy the horse is the one standing tall today. The talented animal is being crowned with making his first official “arrest” of an offender just last week. And to see how far he's come is nothing short of inspiring.

In a daring chase through the town of Portland, Murphy — who had Officer Cassandra Wells riding him — ran to chase down a man believed to be guilty of breaking and entering a local building. After catching up with the potential suspect, the large mount stood guard until other law enforcement authorities were able to put him into handcuffs. Wells is understandably proud of this crime-fighting horse.

"We were flagged down because someone was trying to break into a building," she revealed in an interview. "He took off, and so did we. It was actually the first time Murphy has been involved in an arrest. He did everything I needed him to do.”

According to CBS News, the suspect in question was trying to get away on foot, but we humans have little chance to outpace the speed and power of a specially trained horse on the job. After trying to run away for several blocks, Murphy managed to get around the man and cut his escape route off. The galloping steed was even said to have been given a particularly nice treat at the end of his duties for a mission well accomplished.

The epic upbringing of Murphy the horse doesn’t begin there, however, as this is truly one mount that defied the world’s odds. Ian, a beloved horse of the Portland Police Bureau’s Mounted Patrol Unit, had become ill back in 2012 and was forced to be put to sleep. So distraught local officers in Oregon began looking for a suitable replacement for the animal, and their sights eventually fell to Murphy.

Born undersized but eventually gaining a lot of weight and becoming of little use to its former owners, Murphy was one of the few horses that officials felt could be a good fit for the important crime-catching role. So following an intense training period and bringing the horse home from its farm in Roseburg, Murphy soon became the lean, mean, fighting machine that he is today — talk about real horsepower. And Murphy the horse’s name origins, you ask? He was named after Murphy’s Law, which suggests that what can go wrong, will go wrong.

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