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Murphy-Goode Homefront Red 2011

Supporting Operation Homefront
Phil in SWFL

In Southwest Florida Murphy-Goode is known more for one wine, Liar’s Dice Zin, than as a winery producing a lineup of wine that gives you plenty of bang for the buck. At a recent tasting I was encouraged to give their 2011 Homefront Red a try. Granted the choice was preceded by skepticism, first it is another of the many red wine blends to hit the market recently; second, the less than subtle promotion that some proceeds of this wine go toward helping military veterans, for more information about that follow this link, While that is a good cause, anytime a rep emphasizes a supported cause over the product my antennae go up. In the end, I was glad they would not take no for an answer, the Homefront Red is a winner on many fronts.

The 2011 vintage is a blend of Syrah, Merlot, Petite Sirah and Zinfandel that shows a deep dark liquid tinged with garnet when viewed through light. A full nose of dark berry fruit is echoed by a flavorful wine of blackberry, a touch of cherry from the Syrah, a touch of prune and cocoa at the end framed by a brambly character no doubt contributed by the Zin. The aging has rounded the finish off into some very soft tannin and there is a enough acidity to keep the wine from being a soft and mushy mix of fruit flavor. As expected from the listed grapes the palate is front loaded with a solid middle that tails off at the end, however, the finish has a good level of persistence in the mouth. Flexible enough to pair up with a meal, I found it very compelling on its own, surprisingly it was not heavy and brooding, a benefit with the current weather shift into summer heat and humidity.

Look for it wherever you shop, Murphy-Goode wines are available in many wine and grocery stores throughout the area, I found mine at Ada’s Market and it came with a $2 off coupon, expect to pay in the $10 to $12 range in most places. A very good bargain for the value and quality delivered in the bottle.

Bottom line, the 2011 Homefront Red by Murphy-Goode is a very easy drinking wine that will appeal to a large audience from those just starting to discover the world of wine to those who are confident in choosing what they like. My recommendation, pick up a bottle, support a worthy cause and earn a good return on your wine dollar soon, hey its Father’s Day this weekend.

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