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Murfreesboro ghost hunt was a success

Out Front on Main Theatre
Out Front on Main

In conjunction with the Murfreesboro Anime and Comic Kon (MACK) this past weekend, a ghost hunt was held at a small community theater on Main Street.

The group involved was small, but it was for the best, as the theater only seats about 30 or 40. An “old school” type of investigation, digital cameras and recorders, was begun since this outing was mainly for teaching and not conducive to using the full-blown night vision camera/DVR set-up.

Everyone was given electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors, and an initial sweep was conducted. The building appears to be very well wired and no fear cages were detected. Numerous noises were noted and explained: a dripping faucet, a water leak into a bucket, etc. At several times, voices could be heard, but they were found to be patrons leaving a nearby bar. The acoustics are good in the theater, and the voices and sounds could be heard at various points throughout the establishment.

At this time, the group sat down in the main part of the theater and began discussing various paranormal topics. As the spirits became acclimated to their presence, it became obvious they wanted to come out and play.

One theory in the paranormal world is that spirits can learn to trigger certain instruments. This certainly seemed true Saturday night as one spirit appeared to be communicating through a Cell Sensor EMF Detection Meter. Various tests were conducted, questions were repeated, and every attempt to debunk the responses was made, but the responses did appear to be valid. When questions were asked, positive responses were given by EMF detector lighting up and sounding. Negative responses were answered with nothing. At various times the spirit was requested to light the EMF detector on command, and the spirit didn’t fail to respond.

During this exchange, audio recorders were going, and at least one electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) was captured. About an hour into the night, the tech person remarked she was going to head backstage. Her statement was acknowledged, but when the recording was played back a voice is faintly heard to say, “Ma’am, you can’t go back there.”

Due to the promising results from this past weekend’s brief hunt, the American Paranormal Society is planning a full investigation in the near future.


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