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'Murdered: Soul Suspect' on PS4 & Xbox One focusing on highest fidelity possible

 Murdered: Soul Suspect on PS4 & Xbox One focusing on highest fidelity possible
Airtight Games

Murdered: Soul Suspect is taking advantage of the great graphics abilities that the Xbox One and PS4 have to offer quite nicely. One member of the game developer’s team actually compared both consoles to a high end PC. Today Examiner brings you another exclusive with more information about what Airtight Games, and specifically Eric Studer, the senior design producer thinks they can get done on the next generation consoles.

Studer also talked about one aspect of both the Xbox One and the PS4 that Airtight didn’t try to take advantage of when it came to gameplay. Despite there being some interesting things that could have been worked out, Murdered: Soul Suspect doesn’t really have any direct integration with the Kinect on the Xbox One or the touchpad and camera for the PS4.

Instead, Studer said his team wanted to make sure Airtight focused on the main content of the game, as opposed to trying to “retrofit new features of the Xbox One and PS4 for the the game.” The Senior Design Producer added his company wanted to make sure and “maximize the technology to present the highest fidelity product as possible on those platforms.”

That doesn’t mean Studer doesn’t see real potential in the Kinect and the camera and touch pad moving forward. “In general, I feel like what Microsoft and Sony are doing with their platforms is opening up new potentials for play, and games that are built from the ground up to utilize the functionality of the different platforms and their respective controllers could potentially create unbelievably clever and immersive worlds.” Studer said.

Part of the issue is likely the short time frame that Square Enix and Airtight had to get Murdered: Soul Suspect out on the market, relative to when the next generation consoles were released.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is due out for the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on June 3.

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