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Murdered: Soul Suspect exclusive: How people have reacted to its gameplay style

Murdered: Soul Suspect is due out on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 this June but today we have an exclusive tidbit about the game from Airtight Games senior design producer Eric Studer.

Murdered: Soul Suspect exclusive: How people have reacted to its gameplay style
Airtight Games

Studer sat down to talk about Murdered: Soul Suspect’s very different gameplay style. In Airtight’s newest, gamers start off having their character killed and the rest of the game unfolds with players trying to solve the whodunit.

This isn’t your average ordinary mystery game as there are a number of different supernatural elements to the adventure, giving it a pretty revolutionary feel in a world where the First Person Shooter is dominating.

In particular, Studer was asked if people have warmed to the idea of having to think and reason to find a solution? Have they enjoyed that aspect of Murdered: Soul Suspect or do they resist? The Airtight Games executive said most people have thoroughly enjoyed taking on the role of the lead character, Ronan.

“Everyone who has had the opportunity to play the game has come in to it knowing that they were going to play a narrative driven murder mystery with supernatural overtones. So in that way, they’ve always enjoyed the mystery of it; figuring out how each of the investigations factor into the overall story. Studer said.

In particular, Murdered: Soul Suspect players find themselves needing to actually take on the role of Ronan in ways they don’t have to when talking about Call of Duty or even Halo. The players need to understand their character in order to truly solve the mystery and beat the game.

“It’s been a lot of fun to watch people play the game, trying to get inside the head of Ronan and really put themselves in his shoes. It’s gratifying to know that they want to be a part of the world we’ve built, and it’s a good sign that people will really like what we’ve put together for them.” The Murdered: Soul Suspect senior producer added.

Murdered: Soul Suspect makers are hoping that the originality of the title will make for hours of fun gameplay in a way that hasn’t been seen before on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 or even the Xbox One and Playstation 4. The ability to basically solve your own death is a selling point Airtight and Ubisoft is hoping will lure in crowds when it hits store shelves on June 3.

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