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“Murder in the First” 1x9- English becomes obsessed with taking down Erich

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In this week’s episode, titled ‘Family Matters”, English and Mulligan re-investigate the murder of Kevin Nyers with the intention of trying to link Erich to it but their case gets put on hold when the death of the socialite who overdosed shows up.

Erich goes on Larry King Live and talks about his parents and the trial. The prosecution side is annoyed with the interview because they know what Erich did but things get interesting when Erich starts talking about his mother. He seems legitly upset about her death and English thinks that he may have killed Kevin Nyers because he made Erich’s mother an addict. Maybe he’s on to something. Sounds like a motive.

English talks with D-hop and Franklin about what they saw the night that Kevin died. He learns that the person that killed Kevin scared the boys into lying. Doesn’t look like Erich killed Kevin, but its probably he hired someone to do it. English believes that Salter killed Kevin. Obviously Salter denies it.`

Koto yells at English and Mulligan for going to talk to Salter and tells them to drop the case. Obviously they don’t. Instead they follow a hunch of English that maybe the person that killed Kevin is someone with their own motives. Someone like the father of the daughter that Kevin killed. But things don’t look well for him as D-hop fingers him as the killer.

Mulligan gets mad at Koto about where his alliances are as they work the new case. She is mad that Koto assigned it to her and English because he wants them to move past Erich. It does seem like he’s trying too hard to move Mulligan/English on when most cops would have a harder time swallowing that pill. Especially since Erich admitted to killing Cindy after the verdict came back.

There is a big twist as James Harbach (Erich’s grandfather) kills himself by the end of the show because of the guilt for killing Kevin. English confronts Erich and tells him that he knows that he’s responsible for Kevin’s murder and will be coming after him. In interesting news, it seems that Bill might be in on it as he dropped Erich off for this conversation. Seems like he’s not too happy that Erich gave his ex-wife the video.

English’s hard work finally pays off as he is able to get the truth about Kevin’s murder revealed. Koto wants to shut down English/Mulligan about going after Erich but of course they don’t want to.

Dr. Gibbs explains that the victim couldn’t have injected the drugs in herself because of where the entry wound is on her back. They know that someone injected it in her (first suspect is her husband).

The last person they expected to see, Warren Daniels comes in with Adrian (the victim’s husband) and gives them his alibi. He was in a rehab facility getting clean.

In other news, Mulligan catches Koto and Jackie kissing. This is going to make things very awkward in the workplace. Ivana screws Erich over as she leaves the company to start a new company with Leonard (his competition). Obviously this won’t sit well with Erich as he will be seeking his own revenge on Leonard and Ivana.

In next week’s episode, it’s the season finale as Mulligan’s and English work on trying to connect Erich to the death of Kevin Nyers.

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