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“Murder in the First” 1x6 - Twist in the case creates problems for the police

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In last week’s episode, Erich tries to prove his innocence by taking a lie detector test and things get shaky as a former suspect’s alibi doesn’t check out.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Punch Drunk, it’s six months later. Mulligan tries to reconnect with her husband as the trial begins for Erich.

The trial has now begun for Erich and he is on the edge as he is trying to stay on the good sides of the media. The opening arguments are made and each lawyer has their own agenda.

Mulligan/English get ready for their time on the stand and English sees that his testimony is going to be plagued with the fact that his wife died the night that Cindy was found thus making it seem like his personal feelings are involved in the case (perhaps a personal vendetta against Erich. His judgment clouded).

With English on the stand, he goes over his testimony and Warren does anything he can to make it seem like English had a vendetta against Erich for Cindy’s death because Erich was the common denominator in Cindy’s and Kevin’s death.

The doctor is put on the stand and Warren wins this battle as he is able to prove that the time table could be off and that the ‘murder’ could have been just an accident. When the medical examiner (Dr. Gibbs) is on the stand, they talk about Erich’s DNA in Cindy’s mouth. This time prosecution wins. Strauss is on the stand. Daniels tries to point the finger at Strauss and it doesn’t help his case as he doesn’t remember what happened the night she died but it’s weird he can remember the conversation he had with Erich word for word.

English talks with the man that admitted to killing Kevin and he says he just took the deal because he knew he would lose in court. English starts to wonder if maybe Erich did have something to do with Kevin’s death.

There is quite the twist at the end as Strauss ODs and there is a suicide note claiming he killed Cindy but we all know that he was with Sally Smoot on the night that she died. Could there be more to the story or is someone framing Strauss?

In other news, Mulligan is getting worried about English thinking that he’s becoming more violent then normal. Of course, English doesn’t think so. Mulligan and her ex-husband meet up and she learns that he’s been sober for 2 years. He wants to try and get back together but Mulligan does not. Mulligan’s ex husband apologizes to English and they make up. Bill and Barbara try to console their marriage and divorce. Things get heated and Bill punches Barbara. The way things are with Bill and Barbara, it makes you wonder if maybe he could have done something with Cindy when he found out that she was sleeping with Erich too.

In next week’s episode, police work frantically to try and find the proof behind Strauss’s apparent suicide and Daniels uses this as a way to prove Erich’s innocence.

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