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“Murder in the First” 1x5 - Police investigate a former suspect’s alibi

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In last week’s episode, Erich goes off for a drug filled weekend with Ivana, while English helps Mulligan deal with the shooting and trying to get her not to lose her job.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Pants on Fire’, Erich tries to prove his innocence by taking a lie detector test and things get shaky as a former suspect’s alibi doesn’t check out.

David tries to set up a private meeting with the mayor and gets angry when the mayor brings his assistant with him.

There is a twist right at the beginning as a new judge enters the case as the other one had to take himself out of the case. Perez notices that David is working with the mayor’s assistant and knows something is up. David is able to get bail set up again for Erich (which essentially means he can leave jail again) but with new guidelines set in place. Let’s see how long it takes him to crack out of his ankle monitor.

Erich is able to convince Daniels to come back and be his lawyer. He agrees but only if Erich takes a polygraph test. Which he is able to pass.

Things get very complicated as the police find out that Strauss’s alibi is a lot more shaky then they thought. He has a huge gap in his alibi where he could have killed Cindy and it might get Erich off of murder. They know that this is the angle that Erich is going to use to prove his innocence so they need to get to the bottom of it and fast.

Strauss gets brought in for questioning. He says that he just called Erich to tell him to leave Cindy alone. He says that he hooked up with a woman at the bar and that’s why he left. Some good news for English/Mulligan as the woman paid for the bill at the bar with her credit card which means they might be able to find her. They find out that the woman’s name is Sally Smoot (guest star Brigid Brannagh, Army Wives) and she is a marriage counselor.

When English/Mulligan talk with Smooth she is less then wanting to be helpful until she learns that they might ruin her reputation and practice so she admits that she was with Strauss. That allows him to be taken off the hook.

Bill goes to talk to Erich because his wife left him and wants a divorce. He has no idea why she left. Erich helps Bill try and find his wife. When he does, he tries to talk to his wife. She shows him a video of him having sex with Cindy and he sees why she’s leaving him but has no idea how she got the video.

Things turn scary as Erich is waiting for Mulligan at her house one night and tells her that he is going to pursue her once he’s found innocent.

In other news, Mulligan and English are very awkward around each other as they try and move past their kiss. Of course both of them want to pretend that it didn’t happen and that it meant nothing but it’s obvious that someone is harboring feelings for the other (or maybe is it both?)

In next week’s episode, Mulligan tries to reconnect with her husband as the trial begins for Erich.

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