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“Murder in the First” 1x4 - Mulligans and Erich try to clear their names

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In last week’s episode, Mulligan and English continue to work the case while Hildy is confronted by a witness from the past and worries for his mother’s safety after she is abused by her husband.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Burning Woman’, Erich goes off for a drug filled weekend with Ivana, while English helps Mulligan deal with the shooting and trying to get her not to lose her job.

Sentencing hearing is set up and Erich has to have a $10 million bond. This is where Daniels learns that DA is going after the murder for the baby as well.

There is tension now between Mulligans/English because she’s mad he cut her out of the arrest of Erich but he of course brings up her killing D-hop’s step-father without calling for back up. To which of course, she has no response.

Mulligans gets questioned about the night while Navaro/Dave questions the mother and D-hop. The mother and D-hop say that Mulligans use excessive force and shouldn’t have killed her husband. Why? Because they want to file an unlawful suit against the police department. It’s always about money.

OF course English isn’t going to let anything happen to Mulligans, despite what Koto says, English talks to D-hop about how he shouldn’t lie and that he could ruin Mulligan’s life.

Daniels goes over with Erich and David about another story that could prove that Strauss is the killer.

English talks with Jeremy about Erich. He doesn’t give English really anything to go off just that Erich threatened Jeremy.

They try and set up an exchange between Erich and his drug dealer but it goes south as a former police offer, Jimmy (who is now working for Erich) shuts them down. Jimmy suggests that Erich behave himself but he should have just talked to a brick wall.

Ivana/Erich jump the state and go against what his bail ruling said and went to the burning event happening in the desert. Little did he know that Jeremy is there too and caught him. Perhaps he should have been nicer to Jeremy.

Daniels learns that Erich’s DNA was in Cindy’s mouth and he is angry with Erich for lying to him. He knows the DA’s next move so he makes a countermove first. He waives the preliminary hearing. Looks like DA wins the round as they show the judge the pictures of Erich at the rave. Perhaps Erich should start listening to his advisors.

Good news for Mulligan is that she finally gets cleared for the charges. Not so good news for Erich as he hears an earful from Daniels about what he did and he ends up quitting. Some surprising news happens as English and Mulligans share a kiss. Ugh I was so hoping that they would be the next Stabler and Benson where there was no feelings involved about each other.

In next week’s episode, Erich tries to prove his innocence by taking a lie detector test and things get shaky as a former suspect’s alibi doesn’t check out.

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