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“Murder in the First” 1x2-English mourns his wife as the chess game begins

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In last week’s episode, we meet the two lead detectives English and Mulligan as they investigate the murder of a man, named Kevin, who was emailing and threatening a man named Erich Blunt and they quickly see that there is a long list of dead bodies that surround Erich’s life.

In this week’s episode, Mulligan and English begin their investigation into Cindy’s death while English deals with losing his wife and his sister-in-law.

English attends the funeral of his wife as Mulligan focuses on the case. Both him and his sister in law have a hard time trying to adjust back into reality, especially his sister in law who tries to make a move on English. But being the upstanding man that he is, he comforts her by just a hug.

The ME has concluded that Cindy’s death was a homicide and not an accident and we also learn some unsettling news as Cindy was 2 months pregnant.

Mulligan thinks that Chris is responsible for Kevin’s death while English thinks that Erich is responsible for both deaths. They argue over it and it’s hard for English to prove it.

Chris takes the plea and admits that he killed Kevin (but it’s possible he took the deal because he knew he would get convicted of murder if went to trial). David recommends Erich to get a felony lawyer because he is a suspect in Cindy’s murder. Erich, of course, doesn’t think that this a big deal.

Erich gives into David’s request and meets with one of the best defense attorneys out there in Warren Daniels. But he doesn’t hire him because he thinks that it will send the message that he has something to hide. Not a bad motion as that is usually the case, but if this guy is as good as he says he is, then it wouldn’t be the worst thing for Erich to be prepared.

Since they can’t directly link Erich to Cindy’s death, they look into her life and find that she had an abusive husband Mark (his job was selling pills and who she has a restraining order against) and his truck was right outside her house the night she was killed. Mark says that he was in a bar the entire night she was killed. Mulligan is able to trick him into giving them some of his DNA on a water bottle.

Mulligan/English talk with the pilot, , about Erich and Cindy’s relationship and what happened on the plane. While there, they are able to get a sample of his DNA too. Just in case.

Erich makes a bold move as he goes to the police with his story and his side. Perhaps trying to show that he really does have nothing to do with the murder or maybe just to put the police off his trail. It’s a lot of back and forth between the cops and him as Erich proves that he’s not like any of the people that they have dealt with in the past.

The police have their work set out for them as they learn that Cindy was sexually involved with someone just fifteen minutes before she was killed. If they can match the DNA then they can pretty much find the killer. They need Erich’s and Mulligan proves that she just might be smarter then Erich when she seduces him to get his DNA.

In next week’s episode, Mulligan and English continue to work the case while Hildy is confronted by a witness from the past and worries for his mother’s safety after she is abused by her husband.

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