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“Murder in the First” 1x10 - finale that shows Erich’s true colors

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In last week’s episode, English and Mulligan re-investigate the murder of Kevin Nyers with the intention of trying to link Erich to it but their case gets put on hold when the death of the socialite who overdosed shows up.

In this week’s episode, titled “Blunt the Edge”, it’s the season finale as Mulligan’s and English work on trying to connect Erich to the death of Kevin Nyers.

Erich meets with his grandmother to talk about James. He gives her information about an account with half a million dollars (aka the money Erich used to pay James off to kill Kevin).

Mulligan/English talk with the forensics team to try and see if the gun James used to kill himself was the same one to kill Kevin. Came up non-conclusive. But an inscription on the gun makes things interesting and force the police to look into that. It brings them to a person named Howard Tunney who they think it’s his dad’s gun.

Howard looks at the gun and says its not his gun. They learned that Howard had to trade a 19th century gun to the man to get his gun back. And guess who it was that had the gun. Salter. He says he didn’t have the gun but knows who did.

Salter confronts Erich and of course Erich denies it. Salter quits which seems to be a working trend with people around Erich. Not a surprise considering how he treats people.

The police look over James’s suicide note to see if it was forged. They find that there was another note that told her to talk to David.

Mulligan/English talk to Mrs. Harbach. They learn that she got money and that she is being told to talk to David with any problems with the police. Aka make sure that she doesn’t talk or reveal anything for them to get Erich. They find that there was another withdrawal from the account for $1500 which was for pain medication. English confirms that the dealer got $1300 for the pills.

Koto/Mulligan/English talk with Perez and prosecutor about the evidence they found. Perez/prosecutor want nothing to do with the case because they don’t want ot fail again. Makes sense because it was quite embarrassing for them. Back to square one for the police.

Things get interesting as Mrs. Harbach tell them that a man came to talk to her about life insurance. It’s suspicious because of the day he was there (Memorial Day) and the fact that he left in a shiny sports car. Not exactly the look of a door-to-door salesman.

Bill goes to see Erich about the Kevin Nyers case. He says he’s an accomplice to the murder. Erich takes offense to Bill’s accusations and thinks that he’s wearing a wire. He discovers that there is a bug in the watch. After they argue it out, Erich admits to Bill how he killed Cindy, child, and set up so that James killed Kevin.

In a surprising move, Erich goes to the police to talk to English/Mulligan to talk about Kevin’s death. Erich tells them that Salter and Bill worked together to kill Kevin. He quickly sees that coming here was a mistake as his conversation with Bill was recorded. Looks like he was outsmarted by the police. Game is over.

David goes to talk to Warren asking if he can be Erich’s lawyer again but Warren denies. He knew that Erich was guilty and didn’t want to defend him. He also tells David that Erich didn’t pass the lie detector test from Cindy’s case and that he just made it up to clean up Erich’s image. Talk about a turn of events. David finally knows the truth and thinks differently about Erich.

Ending of the show is twist as the one and loyal person that Erich had, David, quits leaving Erich to fend for himself. And of course that’s not something that he would want for himself so he ends up hanging himself in his jail cell.

This season certainly offered a different look into a crime show as we get to see from start to finish the ins and outs of a case. There were a lot of twists and turns as Mulligan/English see that justice is not always served in the way that they think. Tom Felton was a great cast as Erich Blunt as he played a charismatic genius who thought he was above the law. It’s unclear if whether or not the show will be back for a season 2, but considering the lack of good summer shows, it’s a strong possibility.

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