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“Murder in the First” 1x1 - TNT shows why they ‘know drama’

In this new show on TNT, we follow two detectives as they investigate a murder of a junkie that leads to a multi-billionaire tech genius
In this new show on TNT, we follow two detectives as they investigate a murder of a junkie that leads to a multi-billionaire tech genius

In this new drama from Steven Bochco (best known for NYPD Blue), we get to watch the crime from beginning (when they first find the body) to end (judgment in court) and the stages in between. The show is kind of like Law and Order but what separates this show is that it’s one crime (or essentially killer) and we get to watch the ins and outs the investigation with no fast forward part.

TV once again grabs some big names from the movies as more and more movie stars move to the small screen for more complex roles. This show is able to grab Taye Diggs (recently was on Private Practice on ABC) for it’s lead detective and Tom Felton (best known as Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter series) as the suspect, Erich Blunt. The show looks like it’s going to be psychological thriller as the two detectives try and figure out the who, what, where, when, and why of each case. Get ready for those twists and turns that will have you yelling at your TV or computer screen.

In the first episode, we meet the two lead detectives English and Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson, TV’s Bates Motel) as they investigate the murder of a man, named Kevin, who was emailing and threatening a man named Erich Blunt and they quickly see that there is a long list of dead bodies that surround Erich’s life.

We quickly see that English and Mulligan don’t have the perfect life as Mulligan is in a bitter divorce with her daughter’s father and English has to deal with losing his wife to pancreatic cancer. Mulligan is trying to put herself back out there and she is using the internet to do so.

Erich Blunt is a billionaire who is the CEO of a high tech company. He has his own issues as he’s being sued by someone for stealing his ideas. We quickly see that he’s into his power and thinks an awful lot of himself (not a far stretch from the role that we are used to seeing of Felton).

When Erich doesn’t appear to be a major suspect, Mulligan and English talk with D-hop and Franklin, two 12 year-olds who witnessed the murder to try and get a new suspect. They are able to get a description of a white guy with a bird tattoo on his neck.

Mulligan/English find that Kevin had a woman that he used to run with named Sarah (who had OD 22 years earlier) and they talk to her parents to try and get some leads. They believe that Kevin killed Sarah by giving her the drugs. They show them the email and find out that Kevin and Sarah are Erich’s parents.

Of course at this point, Erich admits that he searched for his parents (because he was adopted) and claimed that he didn’t care that they were junkies. But it’s obvious that he didn’t like the fact that Kevin asked for money from him. Things escalate from Erich as his meeting in LA against the guy whose suing him (Jeremy) he ends up firing his flight attendant, Cindy (who he was also sleeping with), for accidentally spilling wine on his shirt. David is worried that she will make Hell for them but Erich says he will ‘handle’ it. We know what this means. Things aren’t looking good for Cindy.

Sure enough she has an ‘accident’ as she falls down the stairs and broke her neck. The ME can’t say if it was an accident or not but when Mulligan finds pictures of her and Erich, it makes her wonder.

In next week’s episode, Mulligan and English begin their investigation into Cindy’s death while English deals with losing his wife and his sister-in-law.

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