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Murder-suicide: Utah police officer kills family, then self

Sad news coming in to a warm and sunny San Francisco today is about a Utah police officer.

Murder-suicide: Utah police officer kills family, then self
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The Utah police officer, who was only 34 years old, shot his young family, his mother-in-law and then himself. There is no motive as yet for the murder-suicide

"That's a beautiful picture of his family, they were all just so young," says San Francisco resident, Katie Adler.

State authorities are saying they are bewildered by what happened and they have no idea why a policeman who seemed to be in good health and to be mentally stable would so such a thing, states the website: Web Pro News

The tragedy happened on Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014.

The Utah police officer has now been named as 34-year-old Joshua Boren who worked at the Lindon Police Department.

Boren used a gun in the shooting of his wife, his mother-in-law and his two young children. Boren then turned the gun on himself.

It was only when Boren did not turn up for his shift at work that the crime became known.

While some people said that Boren appeared happy, others stated that Boren and his wife had, in fact, been having marital difficulties, said one Lt at the police station.

"It's very likely those marital problems lead to the death of Boren's family," says Katie Adler.

Officers going to Boren's home found the house lit up but nobody answering the door. On looking through an open window, police officers discovered blood stains and signs of bullets having been fired.

Says Web Pro News:

“When officers entered they discovered Boren’s mother-in-law, Marie King, 55, dead in one of the bedrooms, while Joshua Boren and his immediate family were all in the next bedroom. The other victims of this tragic murder-suicide were then identified as Joshua’s wife, Kelly Boren age 32, his son Joshua “Jaden” Boren, age 7 and daughter, Hayley Boren, age 5.”

The news source says everyone was shocked when the news came out.

The police had never been called to the home in the past over any kind of domestic trouble.

An investigation is in progress as to what caused this 34-year-old man to turn against his wife and family.

See the video attached to this article.

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