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Murder-suicide: Cook Co. Jail correctional officer kills wife cop then himself

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A Cook County Sheriff’s officer and a Chicago police officer are dead after an apparent murder-suicide in Chicago. Javier Acevedo, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office correctional officer and his wife Veronica, of the Chicago Police Department, were found dead inside their home on Sunday morning, according to a CBS News report on Sunday. The couple lived in the Garfield Ridge neighborhood.

The grisly discovery was made at approximately 5 a.m. inside their home in the 5300 block of South Austin Avenue on Chicago’s Southwest Side. The report that the deaths are being investigated as a murder-suicide comes from a spokesperson for the Cook County Sheriff’s Office. The first impression of the incident was that Javier Acevedo shot his wife to death and then killed himself, says a Chicago Tribune report.

The authorities’ discovery of the deaths was made after someone inside the couple’s home had made a phone call to 911 after the shooting had occurred. After the 911 call was made, there was a strong police presence at the home and on the block. The tragedy occurred about half a block from St. Jane de Chantal Roman Catholic Church – which is located at South Austin Avenue and 53rd Street where the couple are said to have attended church services regularly.

Priest Edward Cronin was quoted as saying that that he had known the couple for a couple years and that they had been attending the church for the past four years. He said they had been actual members of the congregation for some time. He also was well-aware that both of the Acevedos were employed in the field of law enforcement.

Javier Acevedo was with the Cook County Sheriff’s Office as an employee for some 25 years. He had been currently working at the Cook County Jail on California and 26th Street and had been assigned to jail division 8, a mixed-security level. Previously, Acevedo had been investigated for a road rage incident according to Cara Smith, the executive director of the Cook County Department of Corrections. Acevedo’s wife Veronica had been working for the Chicago Police Department for 18 years. The wife was a regular-working police officer, working at the desk at times.



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