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Murder on a Sunday

Inside the building they felt loved.

Outside the building they knew they were hated.

Inside the building they worshiped the Lord.

Outside the building they paid the price for their adoration of the Christ.

On Sunday, September 22, worshipers exiting from the All Saints Church in Peshawar, Pakistan were met by two evil men bent on destruction--their own and that of these innocents. The explosions from the two suicide bombers created a death toll that has now reached 119. Over 100 people remain severely injured. A seven-year-old boy lost everyone: his mother, his father, his sisters, and his brothers. A young married couple died...their dreams of a happy life on this earth destroyed. Countless stories of pain emerge from a few moments of madness.

We who follow Christ in the U.S. truly have no personal concept of persecution. We leave the church building headed for a restaurant. Pakistani Christians leave their church building headed for more abuse.

  • Please pray fervently for the families and friends of the victims.
  • Please pray that not only their hearts will be strengthened but their faith as well. Satan loves to use such horrific heartache to dampen the faith of Christ followers.
  • Please pray for the wounded that they will be healed to the glory of God.
  • Thank the Lord that He will use the evil madness of two suicide bombers for the good of the Christians of All Saints mold them further in the image of His Son, "a man of sorrows and familiar with suffering."
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