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Murder case against Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine continues to build

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Mobile County District Map
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The witness list has partially been released containing the names of those who will be called to testify in the upcoming murder trial of Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine. Insiders report the list of names is a who's who of Mobile's political elite. It's as if the entire ruling class is being put on trial for their part in the now infamous rise to prominence in Mobile politics of the troubled young man from Palm Beach Florida.

Speaking of which, information is flowing fast and furious from that part of the country as well on the notorious antics of our anti-hero when he graced the pages of the Palm Beach Post back in 1988 for having broken into a girls home he was supposedly dating and beating her about the legs. She declined to press charges, the paper reported, and apparently and only wanted Nodine to go away, as so many in Mobile wish he would do now.

So far, it's become public knowledge that Nodine's attorney's intend to depose fellow County Commissioner Mike Dean, who recently said it was time for Nodine to step down, and Mobile County attorneys Jay Ross and Mark Erwin. Jay Ross, Mobile County's chief attorney, told WKRG-TV5 that the day after Downs was discovered dead, he and county attorney Mark Erwin went to Nodine's house and removed two guns from the commissioner's home. They said they turned them over to authorities in Baldwin County.

Mark Erwin recently served as executive director of the Mobile County Republican Executive Committee, and he's also running for District Attorney in Mobile County. WKRG TV5 is also reporting Circuit Court Judge Joseph "Rusty" Johnston, who had been on the list, has since been removed. The victim’s sister will not be deposed as originally planned either. Nodine's former campaign consultant, Jonathon Gray is also on the witness list. Gray is widely viewed as the Karl Rove of Mobile politics. That's four big fish with at least 49 more to go.

Several people whose characterization of other people I find reliable observed Mike Dean on TV Tuesday night just before going in to be deposed by Nodine's defense team, and said he looked "nervous as a prostitute in church, and somebody waving a $10 bill." One can only imagine.

Dean took a tremendous amount of criticism on the message boards at and and no doubt from constituents in his own district, for seeming to defend Nodine's use of his county issued vehicle to travel to places like Gulf Shores, where Angel Downs lived, and New Orleans where apparently he enjoyed attending the Saint's home games. Dean explained in words to the effect that travel outside the county was not that uncommon and was done for the purpose of economic development.

Now, adding insult to the already injurious revelations of Steve Nodine's tear-assing across the Gulf Coast from New Orleans to Pensacola at the taxpayers expense, getting involved in all sorts of shenanigans up to and possibly including murder, CBS News has picked up the story and it’s gone national. The last time Mobile got a great deal of national news attention was when somebody spotted a leprechaun living in a tree over in Creighton. Kudos to Mobile City Councilman Fred Richardson for at least trying to make this city famous for something other than fairy tales and foolishness.



  • Cherry Simpson 5 years ago

    Why wouldn't DA Judy Newcomb want to search Nodine's home for letters or computer, emails, searches, etc?

    I'm also willing to bet there maybe even more federal charges if they took a look at his computer.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Someone should investigate Mike Dean, he also has a "girlfriend", are all Mobilians "Blind" or is this just southern politics?

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