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Mural of Jerusalem gives Nashvillians view of the holy city on Church Street


A rainy-day parking lot picture. I'm lucky I didn't get towed.

Jerusalem Garden restaurant itself is an oddly-named restaurant, considering the cuisine offered there buffet-style: a hodge-podge of Indian lunch buffet staples, hummus and pita, and desserts which are, frankly, their own thing.  But maybe that's my ignorance of what people actually eat in Jerusalem showing.  Anyway, the food is fine, but that's not what I'm coming up on.

On the restaurant's one street-facing exterior wall is a hand-painted mural of modern-day Jerusalem.  It covers nearly the entire wall and is done in a palette of blues, grays, and whites, with gold accents.  It is a view of the entire city from above, I believe from the south (although don't hold me to that, because my knowledge of Jerusalem geography is not the best).

It's worth looking at if you happen to be passing by.  The mural (and the restaurant) is located on the corner of 18th Avenue and Church Street.  If you plan on seeing it as you drive past, it's only visible as you approach from the direction of town (ie heading towards Elliston Place).