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Muppets take on the classics pt. 4

Issue 4, Cover A of Muppet Peter Pan

All good things eventually come to an end. How they end, of course, determines how good they were. For those who have been reading Muppet Peter Pan, the end is wonderful, funny and fitting.

When Peter Pan (Kermit the Frog) finds Piggytink (Ms. Piggy) dying in the tree house, the victim of Mr. Smee's (Rizzo the Rat) disbelief in fairies, hedoesn't know what to do. Luckily, Nibs (Pepe) recognizes that what can save Piggytink is for Peter to return the love she has for him. In a touching scene, Peter reveals that he wouldn't know what to do without Piggytink and that he needs her. It is during his touching speech that all of the Lost Boys show up along with Wendy (Janice), Michael (Bean Bunny), John (Scooter) and Captain Hook (Gonzo).

Captain Hook, as it was revealed in the last issue, wants nothing more than Peter's help in leaving Neverswamp so that he can achieve his dream of operating a pirate-themed traveling circus. However, Mr. Smee has talked the rest of the crew into mutiny and Hook needs the help of the Peter and the Lost Boys to regain control of his ship. Peter realizes that he needs to grow up and end his fued with Hook and help him out.

Much of the rest of the story is taken up with hilarious scenes of Muppet combat. When all hope appears to be lost for the heroes, however, help arrives in the form of the Hippen Groovee Tribe (Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem). Revealing what comes next, however, would be giving away the ending of the story.

Writer Grace Randolph and artist Amy Mebberson finish up their run on this hilarious interpretation of a great classic in a very fitting manner. Their run on the title was superbly executed and wonderfully hilarious.

If you haven't yet started reading this story, you most likely find it at your local comic shop. If not, chances are good they can get it for you. The issues used for this series of articles came from Earth Prime Comics on Church Street in Burlington, but there are several comic shops scattered across the state, so head to the one nearest you and find out if you can enjoy this tale for yourself.


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