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Muppets take on the classics pt. 3

Cover A of Issue 3 of Muppet Peter Pan

When we last left Wendy (Janice), she was face-to-face with a terrifying site...Animal. Piggytink (Ms. Piggy) was searching for her, but where was the brave Peter Pan (Kermit) and his lost boys? At home, sleeping.

Issue three of Muppet Peter Pan is where the classic story everyone knows takes a real turn for the Muppet. If you're a fan of Peter Pan, forget just about everything you know and be prepared to be schooled in how the Muppets do Pan.

The issue starts off with Wendy awaking in the camp of a group of hippies (Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem taking the place of the classic Indians from Barrie's story.) The hippies call themselves the Hippen Groovee tribe and all they do all day is play music, but they are very bad at it. They believe Wendy is the savior of their band which was foretold in a prophecy. When they give Wendy a guitar, she produces heavenly notes and is shown to indeed be the one the prophecy spoke of.

Piggytink finds Wendy with the Hippen Groovee tribe and informs her that Peter, The Lost Boys (Rolf, Pepe and Fozzy), and her brothers have been sleeping all night instead of rescuing her. Wendy decides, to punish the boys, she is going to stay with the Hippen Groovee tribe.

Also unveiled in this issue: the true motives of Captain Gonzo Hook, how to kill a fairy pig, and the awful cooking of the Swedish Chef! Writer Grace Randolph and artist Amy Memberson continue their fantastic run on this hilarious re-telling of the children's classic. Particularly wonderful are the scenes involving the Hippen Groovee tribe, which include some very well-done psychedelic panels.

If you've already read the first two issues, you surely don't need anyone to tell you to head down to Church Stree, Burlington to go to Earth Prime Comics and pick up issue three. But if you haven't read the first two issues, you're really missing out and should head over to Earth Prime at your earliest convenience and check it out.


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