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Muppets take on the classics pt. 2

Cover B of Issue two of Muppet Peter Pan

Earlier this week, this examiner reported on a find of Muppet proportions, the first issues of a four part series entitled Muppet Peter Pan, itself part of a series of comics in which the Muppets reimagine classic fairy tales. Today the spotlight shines on issue two.

On the first page of Muppet Peter Pan's second issue, Sam the Eagle, one of two narrators for the story, has just finished serving a turkey dinner to the second, faceless narrator. The narrator points out the heinous irony of a bird serving a bird for dinner, and then brings the reader back to the story of Peter Pan.

The reader is then taken to the ship of the pirates where Captain Hook (portrayed in an absolutely hilarious fashion by Gonzo) is making shadow puppets for Mr. Smee (Rizzo the Rat) and awaiting the return of Peter Pan (Kermit). It is quickly announced by the lookouts (Statler and Waldorf) that Peter has returned and can be seen flying towards there ship. Hook rushes to the deck where his gunners, Bunson and Beaker, reveal to him their newest invention, a canon which will delivor a vapor which will "dissolve most light materials." A small battle (of sorts) ensues, along with the usual Muppet hilarity.

Soon after Peter and his companions fly off, Bunson and Beaker show Hook another of their inventions: a cannon ball which turns into a net when fired and which is supposed to return to the ship once it has captured something. They fire it at Peter, but instead capture Wendy (Janice) and the ball fails to return to the ship, but instead plummits into the forrests of Neverswamp. Peter, along with John (Scooter) and Michael (Bean Bunny) fly off to get help from the Lost Boys, but PiggyTink (Ms. Piggy) goes after Wendy. Again, what follows is on par with the usual antics of the Muppets and makes for very funny reading.

As in the last issue, the writing is provided by Grace Randolph and is wonderful. Randolph has clearly done her homework when it comes to creating a good Muppet story. The art, too, is provided by the same person, Amy Mebberson, as the last issue. Not enough can be said as to the quality of the illustrations and how well they represent the characters and the story.

If you wish to find copies of Muppet Peter Pan for yourself, the issues used for this series of articles came from Earth Prime Comics on Church Street, Burlington, and others can surely be found there. There is also the option of Amazon or Ebay. No matter how you obtain it, though, if you are a fan of the Muppets, this is a must read.


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