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Muppets take on the classics pt. 1

Cover A of Issue 1 of Muppet Peter Pan.

A recent venture to Earth Prime Comics on Church Street in Burlington in search of something different and fun definitely paid off this week with the discovery of a series of Muppets comics books based on classic pieces of literature. Over the next few articles, we'll take a look at these titles (each one running four issues.)

First published in 2009 by Boom Kids!, Muppet Peter Pan is a four issue mini series which tells the story of Peter Pan as only The Muppets can. The story begins with a faceless narrator begining the story in a traditional narrator, introducing the reader to the Darling home near Kensington Gardens in London. Enter Sam the Eagle, who informs the faceless narrator that he really should be telling an American story and whisks everyone away to colonial Boston.

Once Sam establishes that the story will take place in Boston, he whisks everyone away yet again to a swamp where Piggytink (this story's Tinkerbell played, obviously, by Ms. Piggy) meets Peter Pan (Kermit the Frog) who has just been left by his mother to grow up on his own (as, he says, all frogs must). Piggytink, feeling sorry for him, decides she wants to give him a real childhood and takes him to Neverswamp.

Once again the reader is taken back to Boston. It's now a few years after Piggytink took Peter to Neverswamp and Sam the Eagle introduces the reader to his adopted family: Wendy (played by Janice), John (played by Scooter) and Michael (played by Bean Bunny). The story progresses much like that of the original story from here, but with hilarious twists that only the Muppets could provide.

The art in the book, provided by Amy Mebberson, is superb. All the characters look like they leapt off the screen and onto the page. It's whimsical and simple and is exactly what a comic book starring the Muppets should look like. The writting by Grace Randolph is perfect parody, absolutely hilarious.

Muppet Peter Pan brings comic books back to their roots, which is great comics for kids. In this age of dark comics, this provides a welcome and wonderful break, and is a great way to introduce kids to the wonderful world of comics. But, as with all things Muppets, this is far from just a child's comic. Instead it's a good, clean, funny comic for people of all ages who just want to sit back and read something fun.

So support a local business and pick a great comic while you're at it, head over to Earth Prime and get yourself a copy of Muppet Peter Pan issue 1. You'll soon want to read issue 2.

Next Article: The review of Muppet Peter Pan continues with issue 2.


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