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Municiple resolutions in NY to Congress; will Syracuse be next?

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"Every struggle to amend the constitution began as just a group of regular Americans who wanted to end slavery, who thought women should vote, who believed that if you’re old enough to be drafted, you should be old enough to vote. These are how American amendments move forward from the grassroots when Americans say enough is enough…" ~~Los Angeles Council President Eric Garcetti after LA passed a resolution to Congress calling for an amendment to the United States Constitution to overturn the Citizens United decision.

The grassroots effort to overturn the destructive Citizens United v FEC decision (2010) moves forward in New York. So far, 19 municipal governments have passed resolutions to Congress calling for an amendment to the Constitution to overturn this Supreme Court decision Senator McCain has called "the most misguided, naive, uninformed, egregious decision of the United States Supreme Court I think in the 21st century." Will the City of Syracuse be next? That is, in large part, up to you. So far, the municipalities in NY that have called for an amendment to the Constitution are:

  1. December 6, 2011, the Albany Common Council,
  2. December 28, 2011, the Brighton Town Council,
  3. January 4th, 2012, the City Council of New York City,
  4. January 11, 2012, the Buffalo City Council,
  5. February 1, 2012, the Common Council of Ithaca,
  6. February 13, 2012, the Town Board of Danby,
  7. March 1, 2012, the City of Troy,
  8. March 26, 2012,Yonkers City Council,
  9. April 17, 2012, Town Board of the Town of Cortland
  10. May 2, 2012, the Allegheny County Council,
  11. May 6, 2012, the Tompkins County Legislature,
  12. May 8, 2012, the Mt Kisco Village Board of Trustees,
  13. June 13, 2012, the Mount Vernon City Council,
  14. June 19, 2012 the Executive Committee of Sullivan County,
  15. April 23, 2012, Peekskill Common Council,
  16. August 6, 2012, the Corning City Council (pushed by only one citizen activist),
  17. March 27, 2013, Essex County Legislature,
  18. April 14, 2014, Guilderland Town Board,
  19. May 15, 2014, the Town Board of Dryden.

Move to Amend activists are trying to get the Syracuse Common Council to follow suit. There are 10 members who should be contacted to encourage support for such a resolution to Congress. Emailing them would be the most direct, anytime form of communication to them. They are:

  1. President Van B. Robinson, (315) 448-8466,,
  2. Councilor at large Helen Hudson, (315) 448-8466,,
  3. Councilor at large Pamela Hunter, (315) 448-8466,,
  4. Councilor at large Kathleen Joy, (315) 448-8466,,
  5. Councilor at large Jean Kessner, (315) 448-8466,
  6. District one Councilor and majority whip Jake Barrett, (315) 448-8466,
  7. District two Councilor Chad Ryan, (315) 448-8466,,
  8. District thee Councilor Bob Dougherty, (315) 448-8466,,
  9. District four Councilor Khalid Bay, (315) 448-8466, and,
  10. District five Councilor Nader P. Maroun, (315) 448-8466,

If you want to find out what this movement is about, Move to Amend national field organizer, David Cobb, will be speaking in Syracuse on June 2nd, 7 - 9 p.m. at the Plymouth Congregational Church, UCC, 232 E. Onondaga St, Syracuse, New York 13202. If you already understand what is at stake with this effort, call your Common Councilor today.



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