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Municipal Waste Deliver "Fatal" Blow

The Waste brings the thrash to the Fillmore as part of the "Metal Alliance" Tour this Saturday.

It’s funny to think how things crazy ideas when someone is starting out sometimes come harkening back at the weirdest times. For Tony Foresta, lead singer of Richmond band Municipal Waste, the concept of the band’s new album, “The Fatal Feast” came from one of those initial ideas: “The whole space concept of the album was an inside joke since the band started. Kinda ‘let’s make a space album’, never really thinking we’d ever get this far with this band. So, when we started putting together ideas for the album, it was like ‘f—, guess we gotta do that space album now.”

Delivering a humorous brand of thrash metal for the past 13 years, the band reconvened in the studio after a break after their 2010 album, “Massive Aggressive” was released and gave the chance for Foresta to top his last effort: “We just wanted to write something different. ‘Massive Aggressive’ is probably my least favorite of the albums, but there’s a lot of good s--- on the album. This time, we just went for the killer s--- and just picked the best ones, and a lot got left out”.

Foresta’s description of the recording behind “The Fatal Feast” is a culmination of the band’s growing mastery of the studio process, as he says: “With our first album, we recorded everything in two days. You got get a lot more time now, and get a chance to write in the studio. We recorded this one for about a month. But we did the drum parts in New Jersey, and the rest of it back up in Virginia. Over the past couple of years, I’ve learned how to demo songs, and learned how to record them as well. It’s a lot different than on ‘Massive Aggressive’, when we flew Zeuss up from Florida and had very little time to record the album. It was pretty stressful then, but now it’s cool”.

With “The Fatal Feast” released last spring, the songs give us a taste of the crazy times and recounted tales that Foresta pulls from his personal life, even if they are ones he’d probably like to forget: “I always tell about crazy things; my life sometimes seems like it’s a comic book at times and I do take s--- from my personal life. Like on the song ‘The Barfer’, it comes from a story were I ended up blacking out one night at a party, and I wake up the next morning and the front of the house is wrecked, s—is smashed everything and I threw up everywhere and wondered who did this and figuring out it was me. So it plays like a detective tale (laughs)”.

Now that the album has been released, Foresta has a couple different ventures that he’s delved into, the first of which is his hardcore project Iron Reagan, who just released their debut a couple weeks back. “We’ve got 19 songs on there, it’s brutal crossover, punk and very New York hardcore influenced. The drummer, Ryan (Parrish, ex-Darkest Hour) and I talked about doing this forever. The response from people has been great so far”. The other project that the band has going is teaming up with Three Floyds Brewery (who recently teamed with Clutch for their own beer) to develop the band’s brew. “We’re beer nerds and we always thought it would be awesome to have our own beer. It’s good beer, and at 8.5 percent, it’ll get you drunk (laughs)”.

But for now, Foresta is focused on Municipal Waste, as the band is part of the big Metal Alliance Tour, also featuring Anthrax and Exodus. For Foresta, it’s an honor for him: “I was totally stoked to be part of this tour, we didn’t even know Anthrax is playing “Among The Living” before we did it. We just heard ‘going on tour with Anthrax and Exodus’ and said f--- yeah! Then you hear that High on Fire is on it, and with Holy Grail killing it every night, it’s just killer”. So, make sure to get there early and see Municipal Waste tear up the stage, and maybe a bar or tour bus afterwards.

Municipal Waste play as part of the “Metal Alliance Tour” at the Fillmore Detroit this Saturday, April 6th. Tickets range from $20-40 and are available at Additional tour dates and band info can be found at


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