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Mundelein murder: Girl stabs younger sister to death

Mundelein murder
Mundelein murder
Chicago Tribune

The Mundelein murder in Lake County, Illinois leaves an 11-year-old girl dead with her 14-year-old sister (or half-sister) being charged with the crime, according to WGN on Wednesday. Prosecutors in Lake County’s Juvenile division say that the older sister stabbed her younger sister 30 times = possibly up to 40 times - with a kitchen knife. The reason given was that the older girl didn’t feel appreciated by her younger sister.

The report reveals that the suspect said she attacked the younger girl at 1633 Woodhaven Court as her younger sister slept Tuesday morning. That wasn’t originally what the older girl said, however. First, she said there was a male intruder in their townhome and he killed her sister, but then she changed her story.

Even though it was found that the suspect showered before investigators showed up, she still had blood on her arm and hair strands which reportedly showed signs of a struggle. With each stab wound, the suspect reportedly yelled something about not being appreciated.

The girl suspected of the murder had an argument with her younger sister the night before, but the suspect also revealed that she was angry with her younger sister because she didn’t appreciate all the chores and other things she did for her.

Understandably, the parents were too upset to speak with reporters following the grisly incident.

At a press conference, Mundelein Police Chief Guenther gave few details regarding the incident but did say that the charge against the suspect is first degree murder.

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