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Mundelein murder: Girl, 14, fatally stabs 'ungrateful' little sister 40 times

The Mundelein, Ill., murder of an 11-year-old girl came as a shock to many in the Chicago suburb. Still, the reason why a 14-year-old girl says she stabbed her 11-year-old half-sister to death with a knife stretches the limits of credulity.

The Associated Press reported (via Yahoo News) Jan. 22 that the teen confessed to stabbing her little sister because she appeared to be unappreciative of all the things she (the older sister) had done for her. She told police, according to CNN, that she had made dinner for her half sister and done some chores, acts for which her sibling showed no gratitude. She admitted that she was also angry because her little sister had recently hit her.

More incredible might be that she said, according to Asst. State's Atty. Claudia Kasten (per the Chicago Tribune), "She went downstairs to get a knife. . .With each stab wound, she said she was not thankful for what she (the older girl) had done." Kasten made her comments at the juvenile hearing Wednesday where the teen was charged with first degree murder.

The teen had become angry at her sister the night before the attack, thinking about what she would do for about 10 or 15 minutes. She then went downstairs and got a knife from the kitchen.

Mundelein police received a call from the house at 8:26 a.m. Tuesday morning concerning an attack and arrived just a few minutes later. Responders found the 11-year-old child dead from her wounds in an upstairs bedroom.

The teen originally told police that an Hispanic man had broken into the house, attacked the her sister, then fled. However, after being taken to the police station and told that hair had been found in her sister's hands that would lead to identifying the attacker, the teen confessed to being the one who had stabbed the little girl.

There were no adults at the house at the time the attack took place.

The teen told police she took a shower after stabbing her sister, then called 911.

County coroner Dr. Thomas Rudd said the victim had stab wounds to her face, neck, chest and arms. Two stab wounds penetrated her upper left lung. There were defensive wounds, he said, that indicated that the younger girl had fought for her life: A wound to her left hand that suggested she might have grabbed the knife and another wound on her right thumb indicating a defensive posture.

Prosecutors are currently determining whether or not to try the teen as an adult.

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