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Muncie rescue team saves abused dog found thrown away in ditch

The gray and white young pit bull has been named Sweet Pea by the rescue group in Muncie, Ind. who saved the dog after finding her tossed away in a ditch on Memorial Drive late last week reported the

Muncie rescue team saves abused dog found thrown away in ditch-slide0
Sweet Pea has endured a lifetime of suffering, but now her future looks bright.

The non-profit rescue, Muncie Animal Rescue Fund, stated the dog first appeared to have had open, oozing sores possibly the result of cigarette burns all over her body, but has since posted on the organization's Facebook page, Sweet Pea may have been the victim of severe neglect.

Since the dog's rescue, the owner has come forward and surrendered Sweet Pea, although no explanation has been given other than the following post:

"Please trust us in our decision to have the owner surrender her to us so her life will be a healthier and happier one. Her condition is terrible and I agree that no animal should ever have to suffer in anyway shape or form. Everyday we see different degrees of neglect, ignorance and sometimes just down right cruelty. No one wants it to stop more than we do! At the end of the day our beloved animal rights are difficult to protect due to the state laws being so weak."

As to pressing criminal charges for Sweet Pea's condition against the previous owner, the explanation continued:

"Even with full support and cooperation from our police dept. and prosecutors the laws stemming from the state are very weak at best. We choose to protect rather than fight a system that the outcome could possibly not be in the favor of the animal. Such is the case with Sweet Pea. She is already improving and her spirits are good. She will have a happy beginning and that means the world to us. We wish it were easy to put the bad people away and punish them for all the injustice our animals endure. Sadly, it is hard, very, very hard to do."

Meanwhile Sweet Pea, described to be as sweet as her name, is being treated for oozing sores, an untreated skin condition, and bleeding and infected ears.

Animal neglect is considered animal cruelty. If you suspect neglect, cruelty, or inhumane treatment, please call the authorities immediately. Animal cruelty is a crime.

Best of luck Sweet Pea; we look forward to your updates as you heal.

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