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MunchPak subscription review: Great way to try new things at low price

Mandy Robinson

Recently I got the chance to try out MunchPak. This is a subscription company that sends you great snack foods to try. You can get this monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. You can also pick out different sizes.

The picture on this page shows what I got in my MunchPak. They cost anywhere from $7.95 up to $24.95 per box. This box is only $13.95 which is a great deal for as much product as came with it. This is over 2 lbs. of snacks. Every single thing in this box except for two were new to my family so we got try new things. We had already tried the potato skins and Airheads in the past and knew we loved them!

Salsitas are now a favorite at my house! These chips have the dip built right into them. They taste like salsa with a bit of avocado. They are amazing! We also loved the Curly Wurly which is chocolate with caramel in the middle.

Personally I would highly recommend the MunchPak if you are looking for a way to try new snacks at a low price. It came out to less than $1 per product. This can save you money since you just get one of each and you also don't even have to go to the store! Check out their website to sign up now!

Disclaimer: Examiner received this product free to try, but the opinions are my own.