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Munchies — A New Fort Myers catering company has arrived

Aris Axlegard and Renda Bea Burandt, co-owners of Munchies Catering Company
Aris Axlegard and Renda Bea Burandt, co-owners of Munchies Catering Company
Aris and Renda

Renda Bea Burandt and Aris Axlegard are the co-owners of the latest catering sensation to hit S.W. Florida. Munchies is the name of their catering company, known for specializing in Lil Bites with big flavors!

In an interview with Renda, this examiner asked a few questions to get a better idea of what Munchies would be offering its patrons and what we can expect.

: Will you only be serving small-bite tapas and all things little?

Renda: As much as we love the lil things, Munchies will also specialize in family-style catering, themed kids events, and we can cook for your furry friends too!

Examiner: Do you plan on having a store front soon?

Renda: Things are moving along very quickly and yes we are looking for a store front at this time. It's all about the right location.

Examiner: What makes you believe your new company will find a following in Fort Myers?

Renda: This is something we really put our hearts into. When you love what you do and you also happen to be really good at it, it's about believing in yourself and making it happen.

Examiner: Well, I tasted all of the lil bites prepared by Renda and Aris and I have to say, they were delicious and the presentation was beautiful. Would you share some of your recipes with Examiner?

Renda: Sure! The little bites of brie and raspberries are wrapped in Filo dough and baked. The Sparkling Dipped Strawberries are champagne-infused and then drizzled with white and/or dark chocolate.

Examiner: I also had another favorite, the Lettuce B. Friends lil bite.

Renda: That's a popular choice! It is shredded romaine lettuce topped with grilled chicken. It's then sprinkled with fresh grated Parmesan cheese, crumbled croutons all held together in a baked Parmesan shell. They are served with our Teaser Caesar Dressing.

The dressing is what ties it all together like one big happy, fun-sized bite of salad!

Examiner: I have to agree! And you can't just eat one, either! So, how can your patrons and new fans reach you?

Renda: You can contact us at munchies4all@gmail or by calling 239-244-5683. Our website, is still under construction but should be up and running soon!

Examiner:  Thanks Renda. We look forward to your new storefront and website and wish you all success. We'll check back in with you later to see what's new! Until then, Good luck!


  • Katie L. 5 years ago

    Renda and Aris catered breakfast for my company about 2 weeks ago. It was AMAZING! I had a chance to try their mini blueberry muffins and some mini omlettes baked in some sort of a croissant (sp) dough. The nice thing is that everything was bite sized, finger food. Delicious and HIGHLY recommended.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    there are both pot heads and pretend to care when they actually use grade f food. id be careful

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