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Mumps outbreak at Fordham campuses in NYC: All previously had mumps vaccination

Mumps outbreak at Fordham University with nine new cases over the last three days.
Mumps outbreak at Fordham University with nine new cases over the last three days.

A mumps outbreak at a NYC university is reported after one case in January has escalated to 13 cases so far with nine of those cases seen in the last three days. The cases are reported from two campuses of the Fordham University in New York City. The University has reported 13 cases combined from the Manhattan at the Lincoln Center campus and in the Bronx at the Rose Hill Campus, according to New York Post on Feb. 21.

Fordham officials have either isolated or sent home students with the mumps or suspected mumps. Mumps patients are contagious for a period of two days before their symptoms surface and for another five days after their symptoms are present.

Students were sent an email by the school informing them of the outbreak “So now everyone is going around being a little extra careful,” said Jonathan Agostino, a student at Fordham. “The mumps vaccinations do not offer 100 percent protection,” conveyed Fordham’s officials in a statement.

They went on to say that all the students who have the mumps or who are showing symptoms of the mumps had previously been vaccinated for the mumps. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mumps can cause fever, headaches, muscle aches, swollen glands, loss of appetite and fatigue.

When someone contracts the infection, the incubation period is 16-18 days, that is how long it takes for the symptoms to pop up. While the mumps have not been confirmed through lab tests at Fordham, the school says “that is the most likely diagnosis.”