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Mummified woman dead six years was never noticed missing: Family devastated

Woman mummified and in her car for six years inside her garage before she's found has a family searching for her.
Wikimedia Commons

The woman whose mummified body was discovered in the backseat of her car inside her Ponitiac, Michigan garage was missed by her family, who had no idea she was dead. Pia Farrenkopf’s family had been actively searching for her when they got the news that she was found dead.

This bizarre story starts with a woman whose bills were paid each month with automatic withdrawals out of her bank account for the last six years. This unintentionally covered up the fact that she lay dead at her home.

According to MSN News on March 11, it wasn’t until her account ran out of money and her house was foreclosed on that her mummified body was discovered in her car in the garage at home. She had been dead since 2008, the coroner believes. The bank set a worker over to fix a hole in the roof and it was this worker who made the grisly discovery.

For six-years the woman’s family in Massachusetts has tried to reach her. She worked for a company where she traveled the world and was gone away from home for pro-longed periods of time.

Nothing appeared different, her bills were paid by auto-pay and her grass was mowed by a kind neighbor who voluntarily took care of her lawn. Her neighbors knew she was away from home more than she was at home because of her job, so nothing from the home-front looked out of place.

During the six years she wasn’t answering her family’s calls they had the police to a well-being check at her home. The police went to the home and found nothing amiss, so everyone thought she was just away for work and not answering calls because she wanted to be left alone.

Paula Logan of Carver, Mass is the dead woman’s sister. Her family tried everything to get in touch with this sister stopping short at breaking down her door.

When the news broke that Pia Farrenkopf’s remains had mummified and that she’d been in the same spot dead for over six years, the family was devastated. They had no idea that she was dead, they thought that she was just being her old self, which was very private.

The dead woman’s checking account once had a balance of $54,000, until six years of bills, for which she didn’t need, such as the electricity, water or shelter over her head, but for all technological purposes, she was thought to be alive.

Her family in Carver, Mass. is devastated to think she died alone and no one knew this until six years have passed. This might be a good time for banks to have folks re-certify their bill paying accounts once a year. If the bills weren't paid, chances are she would have been found much earlier and her estate wouldn't have been so drastically depleted, including the foreclosure of the house.

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