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Mummified body landfill: Human mummified body mistaken for prank carted to dump

Mummified body brought to the dump: People thought it was a prank.
Mummified body brought to the dump: People thought it was a prank.
Wikimedia Commons

Two workers hired to clean out a Florida rental home after the last tenants vacated the premises found what they thought was a mannequin-like mummy hanging in the garage. They cut it down and dropped it off with the rest of the debris at the county dump, but they would soon find out this was a mummified body of a human being, according to NewsOxy on July 20.

The mummified dummy, or at least that's what the dump workers thought it was, stayed on top of a pile of junk until someone took a look at it and smelled a foul odor. That is when the police were called and determined that this mummy was not a decoration for Halloween, but a real human mummified body.

The Spreadit suggests today that the wrapped mummified body looked like something creepy you would hang up for Halloween or something you would use to play a prank on a friend. Not on soul thought for one minute that this was a dead man. So who was this guy?

He was the former tenant of the house that the workers were cleaning out and he committed suicide by hanging himself in the garage. Upon further inspection of the house, a suicide note left by the man was found tacked up to the garage wall, near where he hung himself.

The man apparently became very despondent when his girlfriend and her kids moved out of the home and he saw no other way to end his sadness and pain. The police had an investigation going around the discovery of this body before it was deemed a suicide.

They didn't believe the dump workers at first who found the dead body thinking it was a mannequin. Police suspected they were covering up a crime. The men cleaning out the house who originally found the dead man were also questioned.

Police came to the realization that the men would not put a body on top of garbage in a pickup truck in clear sight of anyone who happened by if it were a crime. They also said that the men would not have taken a dead body for a ride through town in full sight of anyone they passed on their way to the dump if they were trying to cover up a crime.

It was the suicide note that was finally discovered that cleared up any suspicions around the people who happened upon the dead body. To add insult to injury the landlords who owned the home being cleaned out also saw the dead body the day before the workers got there.

They had been at the house checking on things and when they saw it hanging there, they too thought it was a prank mannequin mummy. They thought it might have been left for them in retaliation for the eviction that had been underway to take back possession of their property.

The body was identified as 33-year-old Jeremy Witfoth, who was the last tenant of the house. Police believed he had hung himself within the last several weeks. No charges were filed in this case, but an autopsy is being done to determine Witfoth's cause of death.

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