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Mummified body landfill: Dead man mistaken for 'mannequin' in Florida

Random landfill (file photo)
Random landfill (file photo)
Photo by Omar Havana/Getty Images

Police say the mummified body found in a Florida landfill Thursday was mistaken for a "mannequin." Workers cleaning a home found a hanging corpse and thought it was merely a Halloween prank. Later, workers at the public trash dump made the grisly mummy discovery due to nauseating odor. Police dismissed the case at this time as a suicide and do not suspect foul play, according to a July 20 IBN Live report.

Sources say two men, Adam Hines and Israel Lopez, arrived at a Spring Hill apartment to prepare the unit for a future tenant. Neighbors and the landlord found what they believed was a mannequin hanging in the apartment. However, they dismissed the mummy as a prank or revenge for being asked to leave.

The hired men took down the “fake” human body to West Hernando Transfer Station, according to the SpreadIt.

A short time later, staff there detected a stench and stumbled across what appeared to be a dead body. Police arrived and soon confirmed the workers’ suspicions’; the mummified body in the landfill was not a mannequin at all; it was the remains of 33-year-old Jeremy Witfoth, dead from an apparent suicide.

"He was laying right on top of all the garbage. Anyone trying to hide a body, or trying to dispose of a dead body, would probably not do that. It is very unbelievable," said Denise Moloney, a spokesperson for the Hernando County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators say Witfoth lived in the Spring Hill apartment with his girlfriend weeks ago before they split and he was asked to leave the residence. Shortly thereafter, family and friends discovered a suicide note he allegedly left behind.

It read:

I'm going to see who really cares… I need a hug or two!!! To give me a hug, click like….I believe I know who will hug me, and who will not!!!"

Stories of mummified remains being discovered have been cropping up in the news in recent history. There's a story about the discovery of two sister’s corpses. Reportedly, they died days apart. The pair was found in an upright position sitting in their rockers near one another. Then, there's the story of a woman whose nearly preserved body was found in the garage of a foreclosed home.

Still, the discovery of mummified body in the Florida landfill is unsettling, especially when it is taken for a mannequin. Police do not suspect to file charges, saying it was an unfortunate tragedy.

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