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Mummified body found in garage of foreclosed home in Michigan

A mummified body was found in the garage of a foreclosed home in Pontiac, Michigan. According to a video report by GeoBeats, the woman had been dead for several years before being discovered in the home she lived in. Neighbors say that they hadn't seen the woman for a few years and that there was "no activity" inside the house for the past three years. Most just thought that the woman moved away.

A contractor proved that theory wrong when he discovered the woman's dead body in a "mummified state" in the back seat of a Jeep which was parked in the garage.

The woman was in her 40's and worked for an automaker. Apparently she traveled a lot for work so her "disappearance" wasn't that surprising since she wasn't home much. No one, however, even imagined that her dead body was in the garage of her home.

An investigation is pending as is an autopsy. The coroner had to wait to perform the autopsy because the woman's remains were "frozen to the inside of the Jeep." More on this bizarre story in the video above.

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