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Mummies Escape - A challenging puzzle-like game for iOS

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Mummies Escape is a recently released puzzle game that is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. Players' final objective is to send the mummy back into its sarcophagus. This can be accomplished by using various tricks and characters, all while the game becomes gradually more difficult. As with most games of this kind, the first few levels of Mummy Escape represent more of a tutorial. The real action starts since level 6, where all characters become available and the paths for success are reduced to a minimum. All in all, here are the basic features and functionalities of this game:

Various labyrinths to finish and a smooth gameplay. Mummies Escape provides 3 temples by default, each of them containing 10 labyrinths inside. Every labyrinth provides a new and enticing challenge, as all characters need to be placed in a specific position for the level to be completed successfully. Some labyrinths also require the player to make use of various shortcuts and bounces to reach the final goal. The number of mummies also increases throughout the game. Several characters with each one playing his own role. Once the game is started, its algorithm automatically attributes the player character, namely Tom Jones. This one doesn't have any special abilities, but it is effective in pushing the mummies back to their place. As new levels are finished, special characters get attributed for the purpose of defeating mummies. These ones have special abilities, such as the capacity to destroy wooden barriers, to bounce higher than usual, gather more jewels at once and so on.

These characters should be distributed wisely as they come in a limited number. Earn a star rating for every completed level. Those familiar with the rewards' system in Siege Hero or Angry Birds will definitely recognize it in Mummies Escape. To put it simply, each level comes with a certain star rating according to the players' effectiveness level. This rating varies based on different factors such as the number of jewels collected, overall time and so on, and it can be as low as 1 or as high as 3.

Purchase additional temples in-app to test the skills on Mummies Escape comes with only 3 ancient temples available by default (Gold, Sand and Stone), each of them having 10 different fun-filled levels. However, once the player would have finished playing them all, the app gives the possibility to purchase additional temples for a low fee. The Stone, Ice and Volcano temples are available for download, the levels they provide being a lot more interesting and challenging when compared to the default ones.


Overall Mummies Escape is one game that manages to impress. It successfully combines both puzzle and adventure niches, being the ideal app for those who wish to evade daily