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Mum's the word for American 'Pokemon Bank' release

North American fans remain out of the loop for Pokemon Bank
North American fans remain out of the loop for Pokemon Bank

Following the release of Pokemon Bank in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand early yesterday, North American fans remained out of the loop on when to expect the application for themselves.

That information did not become much clearer as the day went on, as two announcements from Nintendo and Pokemon left little to the imagination. The first tweet comes from the Pokemon account while the second hails from the Nintendo of America one.

"Pokémon Bank services are available in Europe! North American Trainers will be able to introduce their Pokémon to the Kalos region soon!"

".@Pokemon Bank has continued to roll out in certain locations. Stay tuned to our social channels for availability in your region."

With the release of the application going seemingly smoothly around the rest of the world, it is understandable that North American fans have expressed extreme frustration on social media. The lack of information has led many to openly criticize Nintendo based accounts, with the gaming company offering minor sympathy.

The only information fans have received over the past two months has been cryptic, if not all together useless. When it does finally release in North America it will come without announcement, and more than likely without apology from Nintendo.

How do you feel about the roll out of Pokemon Bank the past few months? Is the frustration warranted or should fans remain patient?

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