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Multiply laughs with The Formula, where the figures add up in other ways

Multiply laughs!
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Does two + two = four?
Level 33 Entertainment does the math.
They offer comedic diversion from tax preparation dreariness with the release of the college-set romantic comedy, The Formula, available on VOD and DVD. Starring Brandon Baker, Sasha Jackson and Reginald VelJohnson, The Formula a is a modern adult fable about the pleasures and perils of sexual and romantic chemistry. Two enterprising engineering students, Quinn (Brandon Baker) and Graham (Mike Schminke), discover an extremely effective mathematical formula for picking up women. Hopelessly romantic, Quinn falls head over heels for T.J., a pretty student teacher, while Graham, a chauvinistic womanizer, sets his sights on racking up the personal best co-ed score board ever!! Following their hypothesis that it’s all about the “bottom line,” Quinn and Graham’s clinical trials reveal that finding true love has no New Math equation.
Multiply the laffs!

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