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Multiple manufacturers announce voluntary recalls on drop-side cribs

Today marks another massive recall by crib manufacturers as several have issued voluntary recalls on millions of drop-side cribs amid concerns that children might suffocate, become trapped or fall out of the crib.

The majority of cribs involved in this recall are drop-side style cribs. These are cribs that have a movable rail which makes it easier for adults to reach the child.

The only exception to the drop-side style is a Child Craft Stationary Side Crib with Dowel. The crib side may be assembled upside-down yet look as though it has been assembled correctly. This causes a 5 inch gap at the top of the crib in which a child might become entangled.

If you suspect that you might have a crib involved in this recall, click on the links below for pictures and item numbers or visit the manufacturer's website for detailed information.



Child Craft

Child Craft (Stationary Side Crib w/ Dowel)

C&T International/Sorelle (also distributed under the name of Golden Baby Inc.)



Generation 2 Worldwide/ChildESIGNS

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