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Multiplayer is on the way for 'Goat Simulator'

Earlier this month Coffee Stain Studios released the goofy and highly addictive ‘Goat Simulator’. A game that took about a week to make and is purposely left slightly broken for the increased comedic factor. In ‘Goat Simulator’ you get to fulfill the life long dream of being a goat, but without the judging eyes of “normal” people.

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Coffee Stain Studios
Goat Simulator Logo
Coffee Stain Studios

As a goat you are entitled to sacrifice people to the dark lord, bounce around in a zero-gravity chamber, become royalty, or just run around licking random dudes and blowing stuff up.

The only issue for ‘Goat Simulator’ is that the replay value is pretty low, but don’t fret! The upcoming patch offers a new map and a splitscreen multiplayer mode, allowing a friend to join in on your goat shenanigans. If they continue to add maps and possibly an online multiplayer feature the game could continue to grow and keep people interested.

The 1.1 ‘Goat Simulator’ patch will be completely free and will release in mid-May. In the mean time there are a ton of mods already available through the Steam Workshop. The most popular being ‘Shrek is love, Shrek is life’, ‘NyanGoat’, and ‘The Lambyrinth’ at the moment. Look them up, you won’t regret it.

‘Goat Simulator’ is available now on Steam for $9.99. Get it now and satisfy that nagging desire to be a goat.

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