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Multiculturalism for fun and profit

EDL protests outside Rotherham police station in wake of scandal.
EDL protests outside Rotherham police station in wake of scandal.
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Multiculturalism is defined as the preservation of different cultures or cultural identities within a unified society, as a state or nation. It is often the political correct way to excuse third world behavior or beliefs in a modern society with the refrain “diversity is our strength”. But what about a culture that believes that all other cultures must submit to the beliefs they hold? Will they discover that diversity is our greatest weakness?

What society will beget is what was uncovered in England. To say uncovered might be a misnomer, since the problem was first identified to authorities as early as 1998. That year the papers were filled with the escalating violence between the Sikhs and the Muslim community. Though not covered at the time was the reasons for the unrest. The Sikhs were outraged about the growing problem of the Muslim community targeting young Sikh girls. Some were enticed and others outright kidnapped to be raped and used for prostitution. When the problem was reported with details of the perpetrators to the police, they did nothing. With no other recourse the Sikhs took matters into their own hands that resulted in the trial and conviction of 13 Sikh men and zero Muslims.

Since the authorities refused to confront the problem for fear of being called racist or offending the Muslim culture the gangs took this as sign of acceptance. They widened their net to include white British girls confined to children’s homes. It wasn’t until 2001 that the problem again hit the news. A Children’s Charity published a report titled “Puppet on a string” to justify addition funding for a project called streets and lanes to combat the growing problem. The report was very careful not to mention the perpetrators were almost entirely Muslim. Later statements from workers who worked on the projects stated they were primarily “Asian” men. (British euphemism for Muslim)

Two years later after no abatement in the raping, England’s Channel 4 news “discovered” a two year investigation into allegations of claims that some say girls as young as 11 or 12 being raped, abused and prostituted by “Asian” men. The Governments reply was to make it very clear it was it was nothing to do with religion but with Asian culture that supports marriage at an early age. The candy coating of the report might be explained by the recent Muslim riots that year and the government’s efforts not to offend Muslims. But neither was any help to the victims of this violence to identify the threat to their safety.

Finally in 2004 channel 4 started working on a documentary identifying the Muslims as the source of these problems. When word got out how different this report was, pressure was brought by a group called “United Against Fascism”. Outside groups and politicians could not kill the documentary but did manage to delay the broadcast until after the elections and into an undesirable time slot late at night. The outside groups did manage to shut down some special police units designed to investigate just this type of crime.

Every report and even a public service announcement warning of these gangs avoided mentioning Muslims and some even avoided using the euphemism Asians. The problem was so pervasive in England and other Nordic countries Amnesty International was forced to study it to retain legitimacy. In the entire 36 page report not once is the connection made between Muslims and the victims. (Amnesty International) At the end of the report they request donations and declare the case closed.

Not until the newly formed EDL or English Defense league focused attention on the perpetrators did any in depth investigating take place. Andrew Norfolk of the Times reviewed the few convictions of these crimes and found to his astonishment 51 of 56 were Muslims. That meant Muslims were responsible for 91% of these crimes. This final reporting of what all others avoided opened the floodgates.

The first report which shocked everyone but the victims was by Alex Jay covering just one town in England Rotherham, from the years 1997 thru 2013. (Independent inquiry) The second covers the problem in a much broader sense by Peter McLoughlin. (Easy Meat) Both are difficult to read whether you have daughters or not.

Both cover the same problem of why the police, schools and children’s agencies did nothing for over twenty years and their excuses of not knowing do not hold water. They clearly show how multiculturalism was used to intimidate authorities, politicians and the press into not reporting the truth. How the victims even when they reported these crimes had their identities uncovered by Muslims working for the police and their families harassed. How the largest children’s charity (Run by Muslim Javed Khan) claimed to have just found out.

Actual numbers are hard to come by but estimates are at least 1,400 children were victims of this crime. Since most rapes go unreported this number over twenty years is on the low side. So do tell, when the party that supports multiculturalism in this country tells us about the republican war on women and diversity is our strength we should believe them and not women on the front lines in England.

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