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Multi-talented Tanner Beard brings 'Hellion' to the film festival circuit

Multi-hyphenate Tanner Beard produced and co-stars in the new feature film 'Hellion.'
Multi-hyphenate Tanner Beard produced and co-stars in the new feature film 'Hellion.'
Courtesy of EFG

One of the more exciting films currently making the festival rounds is Hellion, starring Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul. To get the dish on the movie, BFTV recently had the opportunity to speak with executive producer Tanner Beard, who also has a supporting role on-screen alongside Paul and Juliette Lewis (The Firm). Here's what Tanner told us about Hellion.

"I think it's a great story about a single dad who, not only did he lose his wife, but his two sons lost their mother," he explained. "He kind of gets a little absent . His kids start to kind of act out. They're not a well-off family. They're just really struggling with coping and they really are kind of using each other to do so. It's Aaron Paul's character having to deal with the realities of being a single dad."

Though only part of his contribution was on-camera, he's still immensely proud of the movie. "As the executive producer, you get to create this amazing theme park and these actors and directors and stuff get to ride the rides," he continued. "It's fulfilling to know that you are the missing link to bring these amazing, talented people together. It's really an honor, especially with the other people that were involved."

In addition to producing through his company, Silver Sail Entertainment, he continues to be a prolific actor. "Acting has always excited me. It's always been the thing that most excited me about movies," Tanner told us, and he's maintained a consistent acting career even while pursuing other interests.

2014 looks like it's going to be a major year for him, with multiple projects on the verge of release. "I was in From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, here in Austin, that was a lot of fun," he said. "It's on the El Rey Network, which is like a brand new network. I did a little spot on there, got to work with the amazing Robert Patrick. I have an amazing movie called Thunder Broke The Heavens."

One of his favorite projects is a Western film called The Legend of Hell's Gate. Not only did he direct it, not only did he write it, but "I put just about every single family member in that movie," he laughed. "Every time I go back and watch that movie, I'll always see my family in there. I think that's one of the coolest personal triumphs you can have."

Mixing the two comes natural to the Texas native, who's been trying out both sides of the camera since he was growing up. "I've directed and acted in a film a couple of times now," he told us. "It's something I've been doing since very early on. I always have. I don't know anything but. You do have to do your homework on both sides very much."

Now all of his hard work is paying off. He's founded his own production company; he's got a half-dozen projects somewhere in the process just this year; he's proven that he can act, direct, write and produce; he even has credits for stunts and music supervision. Tanner's story is the same one that many of us envisioned when we were growing up: working hard, doing everything you can just because you can, because you love making movies and you just want to be a part of the magic.

What's on Tanner's watchlist? "Suits. I never thought I would like a show about lawyers in New York [but] I love Suits. The writing is so good. I probably have a man-crush on Gabriel Macht," he quipped. "I'm kind of a Walking Dead dude. I definitely watch Breaking Bad. I'm just a sucker for TruTV." And of course, "I'm a movie watcher."

We'll have plenty of his work to watch this year, starting with Hellion, which should help people to learn about this talented multihyphenate.

Hellion was an official Sundance selection and will next be screened at SXSW. For more on Tanner, you can follow him on Twitter (@TannerBeard) as well as his production company Silver Sail Entertainment (@SilverSail_Ent)

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of EFG

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