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Multi-talented French Actor Sebastien Cipolla!

Actor Sebastien Cipolla
Sebastien Cipolla, Deidhra Fahey

In order to have a successful career in the entertainment industry one of the most vital factors for an actor, in addition to talent, is their ability to appeal to a global audience­­, something French actor Sebastien Cipolla easily achieves.

Fluent in both English and French, this hot young actor has successfully landed roles in feature films, hit television shows and renowned theater productions around the world.

Wowing audiences with his performances in the films The Heart of a Mind, Nessa, Curse of the Slender Man, What’s in the Case?, and many more, Sebastien Cipolla has proven many times over that he is a strong actor with diverse talents and versatility.

In Austin Kolodney’s film Nessa Cipolla plays the starring role of Rick Smith, a young man whose addictions and blackouts get the best of him in an unfortunate and dramatic fit of rage which lead him to murder his girlfriend and best friend after discovering their secret affair.

While Nessa shows Cipolla’s ability to tap into a character wrought with jealousy and uninhibited rage, viewers have the opportunity to see a totally different side of this actor in the film Curse of the Slender Man. Based on an urban legend where a faceless slender man appears frighteningly before his victims before they go missing forever, the film Curse of the Slender Man follows Cipolla in the role of Michael, a distraught father who is bewildered by the mysterious disappearance of his daughter and wife. In an epic display of heartbreak and horror, Michael returns to the forest where his loved ones went missing only to be captured by the slender man as well.

Cipolla’s unfettered abilities as an actor, which extend to the theater as well, have made him one of Hollywood’s most sought after talents. In Academy Award winning director Milton Justice’s theatrical production of Been So Long by Ché Walker, Cipolla stars in the role of Raymond Legendre, a jailbird Casanova.

“After the first reading of the script I made the mistake of comparing myself to the character, but I soon realized that he was much more complicated than my first perception,” said Actor Sebastien Cipolla. “I had to completely change my perspective on the character and in the end I became fascinated by him. There were many intense moments between myself and Raymond, something which made the experience extremely satisfying.”

Some of Cipolla’s other roles in the theater include Sergey Pavlovich from Wild Honey, Father Donnally/Doctor in The Marriage of Bette and Boo, Antipholus of Syracuse and Antipholus of Ephesus in The Comedy of Errors, Katurian from The Pillowman, Greer from In Ariabia we’d All Be Kings, and more.

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