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Muhammad Ali: Plumber wishes 'The Greatest' a 'Happy Birthday'

The Greatest (r) and The Plumber (l)
The Greatest (r) and The Plumber (l)

Muhammad Ali, the legendary heavyweight boxing champion, is celebrating his 72nd birthday on Friday, and he had a fan visit him, according to Yahoo! News on Friday. Muhammad Ali’s visitor was a plumber named Tony Kelly.

The 24-year-old plumber had a job to do in Louisville, Kentucky – where he moved to 14 months ago after he married his wife Megan. Louisville is also the city where Ali was born and raised. His co-workers told him that he was going to a job that was in a house located across the street from Muhammad Ali’s house. It turns out that Kelly, 24, is a huge fan of Ali’s and he couldn’t resist knocking on Ali’s door. When Yolanda - Ali’s wife - answered the door, Kelly asked if he – one of his greatest fans from Ireland – could meet “The Greatest.” Ali’s wife invited him in to meet Al – which indicated that his co-workers weren’t joking with him about Ali living there.

Kelly was invited into the living room where he wished Ali a happy 72nd birthday, talked for a time, and then had Ali’s wife take some photos of him and the world-renown boxer together.

He added that the Alis were so pleasant.