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Mugshot squared: Maine inmate references previous arrest in most recent booking

Robert Burt
Robert Burt

Macaulay Culkin and Ryan Gosling, eat your smug little hearts out. Robert Burt, of Pittsfield, Maine, took self-reference to another level when he wore his own mugshot for his mugshot. The Smoking Gun reported on Monday that when Burt, who had been arrested on a drunk driving charge back in June, reported to Somerset County jail to serve out his two-day sentence, he was outfitted with a t-shirt bearing his own image from the last time he found himself in front of a police booking camera.

It seems that the police were happy to accommodate Burt’s self-described “best mugshot ever,” even allowing the kid to move his booking slate so as to not obscure the mugshot within a mugshot. Burt served his 48-hour sentence without incident.

Burt’s stunt recalls the pop-cultural Möbius strip that was the exchange between Macaulay Culkin and Ryan Gosling back in May of this year, though this may never have crossed Burt's mind. According to accompanying text on the mugshot tee, it was in commemoration of the “Burt Family Reunion,” an event celebrated behind bars by Burt and an unnamed relative also serving time for seemingly unrelated crimes. The event, the t-shirt alleged, was sponsored by “Bud Light and the Somerset County Sheriff.”

Whether this was a one-shot deal, or whether Burt has another shirt being printed for the event of his future arrest, it goes without saying that it took a bit more commitment than a pair of thespians hitting up the local Los Angeles screen printer. More to the point, it was refreshing to see a citizen take full accountability for his actions and exhibit a bit of levity as he did so. Culkin and Gosling, however, likely have much better lawyers than the Burt clan.

Calls to the Somerset County Sheriff were answered by a fax machine.