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Mugen's Anstey raises TT ZERO lap record to 112 miles/hr in qualifying round

Bruce Anstey won todays qualifying round, setting a new lap record for the TT ZERO
Bruce Anstey won todays qualifying round, setting a new lap record for the TT ZERO
Courtesy IOM TT, used with permission

Yesterday, Mugen's John McGuinness broke the TT ZERO lap speed record, with a 111.904 miles/hr time, and on Saturday it was Mugen's Bruce Anstey's turn, setting a new TT ZERO lap record of 112.355 miles/hr (20:08.914). These results are hammering home the proof that Mugen Shinden will make a clean sweep of the 2014 TT ZERO electric motorcycle race. The TT ZERO is the electric motorcycle race held each year during the Isle of Man TT Week.

Today's action was the first official qualifying round ahead of Wednesday's race. It saw John McGuinness leading strong for most of the race, scoring a faster lap time at every checkpoint reported by the IOM TT Live Results website. At the Ramsey Hairpin McGuinness's lap speed was 127.182 miles/hr to Anstey's 123.194 miles/hr. Climbing the mountain - the TT Course is a 37+ mile lap around the Isle of Man and climbs a 1,500 ft mountain - took a toll, and by the Cronk-ny-Mona timing point McGuinness' lap speed had dropped to 118.022 miles/hr, and Anstey's to 115.707 miles/hr. Between there and the finish line their positions reversed, with Anstey finishing with a 112.355 miles/hr (20:08.914) lap speed to McGuinness' 109.370 miles/hr (20:41.917).

At the Sulby speed trap, Anstey was fastest at 163.3 miles/hr, beating McGuinness with a speed of 158.6 miles/hr. Yesterday, McGuinness was clocked at 164.9 miles/hr at the same place. Today, Sarolea's Robert Wilson was the 3rd fastest at Sulby, at 121.1 miles/hr, George Spence on the ION Horse was next at 109.8 miles/hr, and Brunel U's Paul Owen was next at 100.2 miles/hr.

Finishing results were:

  1. Bruce Anstey, Mugen, 112.355 miles/hr (20:08.914) lap speed
  2. John McGuinness, Mugen, 109.370 miles/hr (20:41.917) lap speed
  3. Robert Wilson, Sarolea, 91.871 miles/hr (24:38.464) lap speed
  4. Mark Miller, Vercarmoto, 79.907 miles/hr (28:19.829) lap speed
  5. George Spence, Kingston Univ ION Horse, 79.612 miles/hr (28:26.123) lap speed

Friday's 2nd place finisher, Rob Barber of the Buckeye Current team did not ride today. The team posted on Facebook that on Friday a couple battery cells had failed, and they took today off to replace the cells and test the pack. Robert Wilson (Sarolea) finished faster today than Barber did yesterday, making these teams the primary contenders for 3rd place.

Brunel Univ's Paul Owen started the race but did not finish. His last recorded position was at the Bungalow, high up on the mountain.

The next TT ZERO event is Monday's qualifying round, ahead of Wednesday's race. Team Mugen looks to be a shoe-in to win on Wednesday, but this is racing and anything can happen. The winner of the previous four TT ZERO races, MotoCzysz, is not participating this year - we wish Michael Czysz the best of health.

Sources: Electric Race News, IOM TT Press Office

P.S. Bruce Anstey also broke the overall lap speed record earlier in the day, at 132.298 miles/hr on a gasser bike.

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