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MUFON Meeting About ET Propulsion Systems

ET outside UFO
ET outside UFO

Well, this Author attended a meeting yesterday in Melbourne Florida at the Public Library and found it very interesting. There were several who attended and I heard several other stories about UFOs.

The Speaker last night was Rebecca Renfroe who discussed her observations about 2 saucer shaped craft and what she thought would be the propulsion system and how it worked. She also elaborated on being abducted when she was younger and also saw what she said was an Military Officer on one craft which she thought was American.

So is America secretly working with Aliens! Some other people think so! She also stated that the Aliens did not like that name and preferred to be called by their names, or referred to as Beings or Entities!

There is another MUFON Meeting tonight at around 6 PM after dinner at Me Maws in Palm Bay. They are talking about Crop Circles and the Chief Investigator; Teri Lynge will be the speaker. It promises to be another good meeting and the public is invited to attend.