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MUFON Activites in the Space Coast Area

Aliens Landing
Aliens Landing

Have you ever seen a UFO? Have you ever wanted to see one but it has eluded you? Stand by because we have a local MUFON section in Melbourne Florida. I am a member too because "I want to know"! They have a very interesting meeting May 28, 2014 at 5:15 PM at the Melbourne Library located at 540 E. Fee Avenue, Melbourne, FL.

Melbourne MUFON Presents "Rebecca Renfroe" Extraterrestrial propulsion Systems!

If there are any UFOlogist out there attend the meeting and learn about some "Alien Technology" this Author thinks you will find the meeting interesting and informative on Alien Technology.

This is the Authors Saturday short story post! So everyone have a good weekend, and I mean a good Memorial Day weekend! I am a Veteran and I solute all the other Veterans and say "Thank You For Your Service, Sir!"

P.S I will post a followup after the Memorial Day Holiday. If you bar-b-q, don't burn your steak and have fun honoring our Veterans.

J. Keith Sowell

Viet-Nam Era, Disabled American Veteran, 1973-86 USAF

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